Body Language - Gestures & Words

Body Language – Gestures & Words

Scientists declare that the human mind processes gestures from the identical place of the mind from the place it processes phrases. This implies there may be an innate hyperlink between our gestures and the phrases we communicate, and any dis-coordination between each can be seen instantly.

gestures and Words

Sr.No Gestures & Description
1 Pointing with Finger

Individuals getting pointed at can be intimidated with this gesture. It’s usually used to point out dominance and authority.

2 Wagging Finger Facet To Facet

This gesture is used to disclaim an motion or negate a press release. It’s used because the substitute to the top wagging back and forth.

3 Wagging Finger Up To Down

This motions folks to take a seat down, and if used whereas presenting factors, this gesture helps in underlining vital elements of the speech.

4 Pointing Thumb Upwards

Pointing thumbs upward means appreciating some activity that’s well-done and meets your requirements of approval.

5 Pointing Thumb Downwards

Pointing thumbs downward, then again, signifies disappointment within the effort. It additionally means ‘no’ in taking opinions on one thing.

6 Index Finger Touching Thumb

That is the ‘Okay’ signal and signifies that all the pieces is okay and meets your requirement. This was made well-known by the US president, Martin Van Buren throughout his presidential marketing campaign.