Brazil became the tenth supercomputer power in the world

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According to new statistics, Brazil became the tenth most powerful supercomputer in the world.

Brazil has hosted six supercomputers, ranking 10th on the Top500 list.

Three supercomputers belonging to the National Science Laboratory / LNCC are located in Rio de Janeiro and the town of Petropolis, and another belongs to the Brazilian Aerospace Research Center / Inpe. Petrobras Oil Company and its technology and plant integration center are also located north of the capital and the Salvador region.

But the most important issue is the compatibility of the development of supercomputers with the development of science and technology in Brazil, which go hand in hand, and supercomputers are used for simulation and effective scientific research and commercial modeling of DNA and the like.

Although Brazil ranks tenth with these 6 supercomputers, none of these supercomputers are in the top 100 supercomputers, and the strongest one (owned by the LNCC) is ranked 476 with a computing power of 1.1 petaflops (10 to the power of 15).