BrowseEmAll 9.6.2 All Editions

BrowseEmAll is a useful program for testing websites on various browsers. One of the most important issues facing web designers is the compatibility of the website with different browsers and platforms. In fact, there is no guarantee that you will see in Firefox exactly what you see in other browsers such as Chrome or Opera. Each browser has its own rendering engine. Not all browsers support the new CSS3 and HTML5 capabilities; some browsers, such as IE, require specific tricks to adapt the website. For this reason, the designer must test the result of the work on different browsers in different conditions after applying any changes.

BrowseEmAll software is provided to facilitate this process. With the help of this program, with one click, you can launch your website on 70 different browsers and simply compare the final result. With the help of this program, you can compare browsers in pairs. In this case, your website is compared from the point of view of both browsers based on a series of predefined factors. It is possible to view the website in mobile mode on the desired browser. It is also possible to take a screenshot of the output of any browser. One of the interesting features of the program is the ability to analyze site pages in different browsers. For example, some part of CSS is not supported by IE. The same thing applies with CSS, JavaScript, and..

Features of BrowseEmAll:

  • Quick test of website on different browsers
  • Ability to take screenshots of the output displayed in each browser
  • Ability to display the site in mobile mode
  • Supports 70 different browsers
  • Ability to compare results in browsers
  • Advanced site page analyzer to check code compatibility

Installation guide

To activate any copy, copy that file from the Crack folder to the software installation location.

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