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Bunifu is a framework for building beautiful interfaces in C # and Visual Basic. Creating professional UIs in any program and in any language and environment always consumes a lot of the power of the programming team. Creating the right user interface is difficult, especially if you have high sensitivities. In addition, the issue of user interface design is a specialized topic, and it is not the case that a good programmer is necessarily a good designer as well.

This framework makes it much easier to design professional, beautiful and modern interfaces. There are more than 25 beautiful and eye-catching components in this collection, which include attractive controls, transitions and animations. All controls and transitions are customizable. It is possible for the controls to change the default properties, so changing the appearance of the controls in this set is not a difficult task. In this series, we have tried to reduce the amount of coding to a minimum so that the programmer focuses more on code logic than designing program controls, but wherever you need to change and customize the controls, you will reach your goal with a little time. .

Among the components of this collection, we can mention the calendar control, various types of checkboxes, radio buttons, flat buttons with different styles, on and off switch controls, progress bar, datagrid, color selection window, and so on. DataGrid control in this package has a high degree of customization, you can change the color of dataGrid layers one by one, you have full control over padding and text spacing from cells, styling datagrid header is also easy. If you already have experience with other companies’ controls, working with this collection will not be very time consuming for you. However, if you have a problem somewhere, you can learn how to use the component by referring to the documents, online guide and ready-made codes.

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Bunifu UI WinForms

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Bunifu Dataviz Advanced

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