Burp Suite Professional 2021.8.1 Build 9276
Burp Suite

Burp Suite Professional 2021.8.1 Build 9276


Burp Suite is a powerful tool for testing the security of websites. There are few tools that can do all the testing needed to measure a website’s penetration. This program claims that it is able to perform all types of tests from initial analysis to finding weaknesses and exploiting them in this program in an integrated way and together. This feature prevents you from going to separate programs to test each item. Most of the tests of this program are done automatically and you will be shown the maximum results by receiving the minimum information.

By examining the weaknesses, BurpSuite prioritizes their risk-taking and offers appropriate suggestions accordingly. This tool, while having a wide range of features, also has a good appearance. All parts of the program are provided with understandable phrases and sufficient explanations that leave no room for ambiguity.

However, wherever you have a question, you can get enough information about that part by referring to the program guide. This program has a good ability in penetration testing by the Bratforce method and can perform a wide range of various experiments. We recommend that you use this program if you are working in network security or you want to measure the security of your website because it is a combination of capability, beauty, and simplicity.

Features of Burp Suite:

  • Powerful crawler site pages
  • Advanced web page scanner with the ability to automate the process of detecting security vulnerabilities
  • Suitable tools for testing custom and targeted attacks with specific objectives
  • Carrying out force attacks to test the permeability of sensitive parts of the site
  • Repeater tool to repeat a request many times
  • A tool to test the randomness of site pages
  • Ability to save work and postpone continuing work to another time
  • High flexibility of the program (possibility of writing custom plugins, performing custom tests according to your request)

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required system 

Burp requires a minimum of 4Gb of memory. If you are performing large amounts of work or testing large or complex applications, you may need more memory than this. If you are unsure whether your computer is suitable, you should first test the free edition of Burp Suite on your computer to satisfy yourself that it works correctly.



Burp Suite

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

download link

Download Burp Suite Professional 2021.8.1 Build 9276
Download Burp Suite Professional 2020.12.1 Build 5278
Download Burp Suite Professional 2020.5.1 Build 2921 – Working
Download Burp Suite Professional 2.1.07
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