CAE Datamine Studio 3.21.7164.0

CAE Datamine Studio 3.21.7164.0

CAE Datamine Studio is software for simulation and training programs for a wide range of mining equipment and a variety of open and underground operations. From exploration to resource modeling, optimization, mine design, financial planning and modeling, this software enables the user to create a robust scenario in a secure framework.

Features and capabilities of CAE Datamine Studio:

  • Geological data management: Identification data form, the basic basis for resource modeling and resource evaluation and mine storage, which is critical for the Exploration and Mining Company to protect investments with modern systems and process control and secure data storage. Provide a complete set of integrated products for data collection, analysis, storage and reporting, geotechnical and geochemical information
  • Model Resource Solution: CAE Mine Resource System and Modeling offers a robust geological model for large and small mines. CAE Studio and CAE Strat 3D are sophisticated software tools that have a new industry standard in this field with proven algorithms.
  • Underground planning solution: CAE is one of the most popular software tools in the world for underground mining planning, which includes Mine2-4D, Scheduling Production Increase (EPS), Mineable Shape Optimizer (MSO), iRing and Ventsim.
  • CAE Sirovision: A geological system, geotechnical mapping and analysis system that accurately scales 3D images of rock photographs taken in open stereo and underground environments. A range of tools are provided to support mapping, structure analysis which is useful for geologists, geotechnical engineers, surveyors and mining engineers.

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This version was installed on August 12, 1998 in Windows 10 64-bit version and was successfully registered.

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