CAESES FRIENDSHIP-Framework 4.4.2 x86 / x64

CAESES FRIENDSHIP-Framework 4.4.2 x86 / x64

CAESES, formerly known as CAESES FRIENDSHIP Framework, is a comprehensive software platform for analyzing and simulating computational fluid dynamics or CFD projects. Many of the physical phenomena of the world around us fall into the realm of fluid mechanics, such as water currents such as sea waves, air masses, blood flow in the arteries, and winds around high towers are among these phenomena. On the other hand, engineers need to consider the impact of these phenomena in order to optimize and strengthen their products.

In this case, the use of fluid mechanics based on Newtonian theories, although possible, but usually due to the high computational complexity of this type of equation has little practical use and the results can not be directly evaluated. For this reason, other methods called numerical methods have replaced this procedure.

These methods are more useful in computing because they break down complex fluid problems by shrinking the computational amplitude into smaller cells. Numerical solution methods in mechanical engineering are known as computational fluid dynamics or CFDs. Because this branch of mechanics is well theorized, many software companies have developed software to simulate these phenomena based on computational fluid dynamics.

CAESES is not the only software in the field of CFD and 3D simulation of fluid phenomena, but it is definitely one of the most important programs in this field. Using this program, engineers can simulate and analyze different phenomena based on different computational models.

Installation guide

After installing the software in the default path, run and apply the patch file with Run as administrator.

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