Caliber 5.23 Free Download x86 / x64 + Portable

Caliber 5.23 Free Download x86 / x64 + Portable


Caliber is a free and open-source e-book management software that a group of e-book audiences and enthusiasts have developed and made available to the reading community to bring a new reading experience. The program runs on a variety of platforms. It allows users to have a regular collection of e-books, supports various formats (including Kindle Mobi and Nook EPUB), and also has the ability to convert e-book formats to each other.

The program entered the field of reading programs in 2006 under the name of libprs500 and with basic capabilities, in 2008 the name of the program was changed to Caliber and now it is one of the best reading software used by the public.

Features and characteristics of the Caliber program:

  • Effective management of e-books
  • Ability to sort books by title, author, date of publication, and…
  • Book tagging support to improve the book search process
  • Ability to convert a wide range of e-book formats to each other
  • Powerful format conversion engine, for example, the ability to recognize chapters and different parts of the document, the ability to add metadata to the book
  • Ability to download news from three thousand news agencies (expandable) and convert them into e-books (this is possible as a plugin that can be expanded in applications)
  • Ability to open a variety of books in any format
  • Full support for content, bookmarks, CSS, a reference mode, print, search, copy and customize rendering engine with style sheets and embedded fonts
  • Ability to store and access books on caliber servers and read books anywhere in the world by browser, mobile, Kindle, and…
  • Ability to edit popular e-book formats such as EPUB, AZW3 and the ability to view changes live with automatic detection and correction of common errors in the structure of the book

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required system

caliber works on Windows 8 and 10.

64bit caliber can be installed at the same time as 32bit caliber. The two caliber installs will use the same book library, plugins, and settings.

If you are using Windows 7 or Vista please, use v3.48, which works with all Windows 7 / Vista machines, from here. Simply un-install caliber and install 3.48, doing so will not affect your books/settings.




Installation guide

This software is free and does not require a registry.

download link

Download Cali ber 5.23 Multilingual x86
Download Cali ber 5.23 Multilingual x64
Download Cali ber 5.23 Multilingual Portable
Download the latest version compatible with Windows 7
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