Call Recorder app bug brings users’ conversations to the ears of others!

Call Recorder app bug
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IOS has a popular app for recording phone calls. But recently it was discovered that the Call Recorder app bug allows others to hear your conversations.


With more than a million downloads from the App Store, Call Recorder introduces itself as one of the top 20 commercial applications in more than 20 countries. But those who have it on their iPhone and have not updated it recently, should remove and download the latest version from the App Store. The cause is a bug in the Call Recorder application that was recently discovered by Anand Prakash.

Call Recorder application bug

The security researcher discovered a hole in the application that allows profiteers to access other people’s recorded conversations by knowing their phone numbers.

Using a tool such as Burp Suite, which is used to test the security of applications, Prakash was able to change the number registered in Call Recorder with the number of another user. This allows access to other people’s phone calls; simply!

He discovered the Call Recorder application bug on March 30. On March 7, this vulnerability was removed and a new version was placed in the App Store. In fact, users should make sure they are using version 2.26 or higher of the app.



In addition to recording incoming and outgoing phone calls, Call Recorder also allows you to edit recorded sounds and upload them to Google Drive , Darbox, OneDrive and Slack. It also has the ability to translate recorded sounds into 50 different languages.

It goes without saying that to use the latest version of the application, your mobile operator must support three-way calling. There is also a membership fee, which in the United States is about $ 15 per month.

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