Camnetics Suite 2020: CamTrax64-GearTeq-GearTrax for AI-SE-SW x64

Camnetics Suite Camnetics is a collection of powerful plugins for CAD software. These plugins have become an essential member of popular CAD software such as SolidWorks, Solid Edge and Autodesk inventor. This tool has introduced new and unique capabilities to industrial design environments. This set includes three plugins GearTreq, GearTrax and CamTrax, each of which we briefly explain:
GearTrax: Precise design of gears with their own capabilities (helical, diagonal, belt, chain and… gears)
GearTeq: A great tool for designing and assembling moving
CamTrax components : Designing a variety of cylindrical, plate, barrel, Delco, high-speed, dancer and با

Camnetics became a SolidWork partner in 1998 and now specializes in developing and updating its products.

Features of Camnetics Suite:

  • Simple but powerful user interface
  • Support for international standards
  • Supports plastic gear standards
  • Full control of gear specifications
  • Support for ANSI and BS metrics
  • Very cost-effective design

Installation guide

Available in the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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Download Camnetics Suite 2020: CamTrax64-GearTeq-GearTrax for AI-SE-SW x64

Download Camnetics Suite 2020 Build 30.10.2019

Download Camnetics Suite 2019 Build 07.05.2019

Download Camnetics Suite 2018 Build 11.22.2018

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