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CareUEyes Pro is an application software for adjusting the brightness and color of the screen and the blue light filter, which can prevent fatigue and sleepiness of the user’s eyes while working with the computer. Staring at the screen for a long time and working continuously can tire the eyes and weaken the user’s performance. CareUEyes is very useful software in the field of eye care that can change the light and color of the screen continuously and periodically and prevent users’ eyes from getting tired.

Very high brightness levels and sharp and bold colors are one of the most important causes of eye fatigue, which can even disturb the user’s health in the long run. With the help of the filters provided by this software, almost all the blue lights of the screen will be removed and the color spectrum of the screen will be balanced.

Blue light is a type of light wave that carries a lot of energy despite its short wavelength. A large volume of these waves can reduce the contrast and resolution of the screen and disturb the user’s vision in the long term. One of the most important methods of reducing blue light is adjusting and personalizing the color temperature, which CareUEyes Pro software has taken advantage of. Very high and low lighting levels are another common cause of eye damage, which can cause eye irritation and fatigue in the long run. If your monitor is equipped with the required sensors, CareUEyes Pro software can adjust the monitor’s brightness level based on the amount of light and the room’s brightness.

Features and features of CareUEyes Pro software

  • Reducing fatigue, burning, and blurring of the eyes while working on the computer
  • Adjusting the color, brightness, and other parameters related to the screen fully automatically
  • Maximum reduction of blue light
  • Prevent premature eye aging and sleep disorders
  • Providing eight default modes to adjust the screen color
  • The ability to manually adjust and customize various screen parameters
  • Ability to set different modes for day and night
  • Support sensors and monitor sensors for automatic adjustment
  • Increase screen contrast
  • Increase screen resolution

System requirements of CareUEyes Pro software

: Supported Operating Systems

Windows 10

Windows 8

Windows 7

Windows XP


CareUEyes Pro


CareUEyes Pro software installation guide

Some versions are cracked and need to be installed.

Cracked versions:

– Run the CareUEyes_setup.exe file and follow the simple installation steps.

– Do not run the software after completing the installation.

– Copy the CareUEyes.exe file from the crack folder path and replace the original file in the software installation location.

Note for all versions of this software:

The access of this software to the Internet, both in cracked and cracked versions, must be blocked, for this purpose, find the Windows Host file from the address C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc and use Notepad Open in Admin mode. At the end of the address file

Add and save the file. You can block the software in your system’s firewall instead.

Note: The 2.2.0 crack appears to be incomplete. If it expires, use the latest tested version with a healthy crack.

Version 2.1.12 has been installed and activated successfully

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Download CareUEyes Pro
Download CareUEyes Pro 2.1.12
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