Carlson Survey Embedded 2016

Carlson Survey Embedded 2016

Carlson Survey is software for recording and processing geological data. Civil, mining and construction engineers can use this program for their mapping purposes. This software with good support for AutoCAD will ease your mind about the compatibility of AutoCAD drawings with this software. You can easily and directly import and use AutoCAD DWG format in your program. The Carlson Survey also has the ability to analyze aerial maps and terrain features. Using this program will definitely increase the speed and accuracy of your mapping and will have a positive effect on your productivity.

Features and Features of Carlson Survey:

  •  Built on AutoCAD and InteliCAD
  • High flexibility in data storage methods
  • Automatic repair of conventional design errors
  • Support for LandXML industry standards
  • Build surfaces and plates on triangular and rectangular grades
  • Methods for calculating the best line design
  • Report heights, positions, offsets
  • Ability to import raw TDS data
  • Ability to rename coordinates by adding prefixes and suffixes to numeric points
  • Use playlists instead of dots to correct the document

Installation guide

Listed in the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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Download Carlson_Survey_Embedded_2016

Download Carlson_Survey_SurvGNSS_2016_version_2.0

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