Caviar PlayStation 5 Luxury will be launched at a price of $ 500,000

Caviar PlayStation 5
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Caviar has produced a gilded PlayStation 5 device. The PlayStation 5 Caviar Luxury is set to be launched at a price of $ 500,000.

Late last year, the Caviar brand decided to move out of its safe zone and, in addition to making expensive smartphones, produce a luxury and gilded PlayStation 5 called the “Golden Rock”. Nine consoles will be built with a base price of $ 499,000 (half a million dollars). You may think that no one will be satisfied to pay such a fee that we must say you are wrong, so far 1342 requests to buy this product have been registered.Caviar PlayStation 5 Luxury

Applicants for the device include basketball star LeBron James and a “famous Russian businessman living outside of Russia” as well as “a well-known American businessman active in the field of information technology” (the names of these two). Merchant not yet disclosed).Caviar PlayStation 5 Luxury

Work on the PlayStation 5 Caviar luxury console , Golden Rock, will take about four months. Caviar has used a jewelry and gold expert for the trial version of this device.Caviar PlayStation 5 Luxury

Each of these consoles will be covered with 4.5 kg of 18 carat gold. Initially, 8 solid gold sheets are considered separately, which will be geometrically processed during different processes and will be placed on the PS5. In addition, the controllers of the device are supposed to use the original crocodile leather and will be covered with black in the end.

If you have not been able to enter the list of applicants for this device or you do not have half a million dollars, Caviar will also produce several other PlayStation 5 luxury with carbon and black leather cover. 99 of these consoles are to be produced.Caviar PlayStation 5 Luxury

The carbon version (PlayStation 5 Carbon) has a $ 5830 price tag and uses the carbon fiber used in cars. The black leather version (PlayStation 5 Alligator leather) will also be priced at $ 8140. The controllers of these two versions are also custom made with carbon fiber and leather, respectively, to be fully compatible with the device.Caviar PlayStation 5 Luxury

Note that all three versions are based on the digital version and do not have an optical disc drive and there will be no second-hand games.Caviar PlayStation 5 Luxury