CAXA CAD 2020 SP0 v20.0.0.6460

CAXA CAD 2020 SP0 v20.0.0.6460

CAXA CAD is the name of specialized software in the field of designing two-dimensional engineering drawings. The software in front of you is one of the most popular tools for drawing and designing electronic boards in two dimensions. This program is able to independently provide all your needs in drawing and simulation. The product in front of you is known as a reliable software in the industry and among engineers. With the help of this software, you can implement your designs in the best possible way.

Doing electronic board design with CAXA CAD software will save you time in drawing, in addition to increasing the accuracy of your operation. Proper user interface of this software is also one of the advantages of this product. The design tools of this software are all useful and can help you draw maps more easily. The user interface of this software is also such that the user can take full control and management of his drawing project.

Drawing maps in this software and analyzing it will cause your final design to face the least errors and problems. Intelligent, stable and reliable performance and high compatibility with other mapping systems are other advantages of this program. Engineers and designers use this software in various industries such as electrical and mechanical.

Features and specifications of CAXA CAD software:

  • Very powerful and efficient user interface in drawing maps
  • Existence of necessary and practical tools in designing necessary maps
  • Supports 4K resolution along with map magnification up to 200%
  • Ability to save drawn maps in DWG file format
  • Adjustable many features to increase accuracy
  • Full compatibility with other engineering drawing software

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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