The Cerebras CS-1 supercomputer uses the world’s largest chip

Cerebras CS-1
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Cerebras CS-1 supercomputer

The Cerebras CS-1 supercomputer is equipped with the world’s largest chip and is among the world’s fastest cloud computing.


Cerebras System, in collaboration with researchers at the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), has built a supercomputer that can be up to 200 times better than the fastest US supercomputers.

Cerebras CS-1 Supercomputer

The CS1 server supercomputer uses a wafer-sized chip and can solve a large, scattered system of linear equations. These equations are used in modeling physical phenomena such as fluid dynamics. CS-1 method for this is to use limited volume on a regular 3D grid. Solving these types of equations is the basis of tasks such as forecasting the weather, finding the best shape for the aircraft wing, predicting the temperature, and predicting the level of radiation in nuclear power plants. In addition, fluid dynamics is used to model fuel in coal-fired power plants, or to build layers of sedimentary rock in areas with oil or gas.

Cerebras says there are three key factors that affect computer speed, including CS-1 supercomputer memory performance, high bandwidth and low latency in the wafer communication structure. The processor architecture has also helped the Cerebras CS-1 supercomputer to optimize computing. This device uses the largest chip in the world with dimensions of 72 square inches. The chip the company makes is 60 times larger than most CPUs or GPUs. The main purpose of making such dimensions of the chip is to create a different function in Deep Learning.

According to Cerebras, these systems have been delivered to customers around the world and are used in cases where the growth rate of artificial intelligence programs is at the forefront, such as drug manufacturing, astronomy, and more.

The CS1 supercomputer is 200 times faster than one of the best supercomputers, NETL Joule 2.0, which has 84,000 cores. This particular supercomputer is the 24th fastest computer in the United States and the 69th in the world. The Cerebras CS-1 supercomputer wafer has about 400,000 independent processor cores, each with its own private storage and network router. At the wafer scale, the system is 26 inches long, which is in the category of tall data center systems.

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