CGDevTools Source / IWCGJquery Suite

CGDevTools is a jQuery based component for use in Embarcadero Rad Studio. If you are looking for a quick way to speed up the performance of your Intraweb application and add an intuitive agent, this is a good choice. This component acts as a bridge between javascript / jQuery and Intraweb plugins.

Features and specifications of CGDevTools component:

  • JQuery ui theme support
  • Remote data source
  • Custom data and display
  • Personal Data Popup
  • Network integration
  • Responsive
  • Touch events
  • Mouse slide events
  • Fully customizable
  • Create a beautiful and responsive slider with the help of the component
  • The AutoFill widget also provides suggested words when typing in a field. Suggestions are programming language tags.
  • JQDropDown jQuery-based replacement for box selection
  • FancyBox tool for displaying images, HTML and multimedia content, videos in SWF format, iFrame (YouTube, Google Maps)
  • GMap is a component that helps you embed Google Maps on your site. (Set different map types: Combination, Earth, Satellite, Roadmap), Define location by address or latitude, Set Google Map Control, Zoom
  • jqGrid Azax JavaScript control for displaying and manipulating tabular data on the web
  • Directly accept XML, JSON and arrays or user data as input
  • Output to Excel, Column Sorting, Data Grouping, Keyboard Navigation, Footer Customization
  • XML / JSON / HTML data transfer server
  • Open API for easy customization
  • Working with templates, an easy way to edit and change the layout (requires knowledge of html and css)

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

download link

Download CGDevTools Source Code

Download CGDevTools IWCGJquery Suite for Intraweb 14.2.0

Download CGDevTools for Introweb 14.0.48 Delphi 10 Seattle

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