CGG Fugro Jason PowerLog v3.3

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PowerLog is a multi-purpose, multi-processor software designed for flexible petrophysical flows. PowerLog can be used anywhere to use your point of view to quickly collaborate on important drilling decisions.

PowerLog features and capabilities:

  • Easy to learn and use interface for interactive views and editing capabilities to help design and visualize
  • Existence of cover, pipes, branches, packages and holes
  • Help design and visualize planning and scenario completion
  • Quickly and accurately determine the values ​​of Rw, a, m and n as well as other critical input analysis parameters through multiple crossplots that actively respond to changes in input values.
  • Customizable scrolling parameter
  • Write a program to analyze NMR data and audio waveforms, photo logs and other two-dimensional data types
  • Visual Basic user interface and script, which makes user applications one of the most popular and useful tools in PowerLog.
  • New non-insotype stress module manages anisotropic stress and base isotropic stress
  • Generates flexible properties as well as all the critical stiffness coefficients essential in 3D modeling and simulation
  • View and edit digital input data and cavity images through a user-friendly interface. As the changes are made, they are immediately reflected in the Viewer logplot and other viewers and processors.
  • You can define defaults for curves, tracks, and grids and use the full Windows color palette. Curved styles include: solid line, discrete dots, color spectrum, lithology and volume, VDL or T2 distribution (eg NMR data) and cavity images

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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