How to see the charging status of the handsfree and Bluetooth speaker on Android?


see the charging status of the handsfree and Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers, handsfree, and headphones have become ubiquitous and have added more capabilities than ever before. Most modern Bluetooth headphones physically have a built-in battery charge indicator on the device, but on some models it is possible to check the battery status of the headphones via the Android device. Stay tuned to Network Magazine to show you the above feature.

With the release of Android 8.1, Google has added the ability to view the battery charge status to its operating system by default, but on lower-end Android, the user must install an application to view the battery status on the phone. In order for all users to be able to use the above feature, we will examine how to do this on Android 4.3 and later versions so that everyone can use it.

Bluetooth devices are equipped with a special type of wireless technology as well as an internal battery that can be charged. In some models, the type of battery is made of lithium-ion or internal polymer lithium, and in other models, rechargeable batteries are used pen or semi-pen.

View battery status in Android 8.1

Android 8.1 has added an interesting feature to Bluetooth devices to make working with these devices even easier than before. The above feature allows the user to see the battery charge of the devices connected to the phone, and if he sees that the device battery is empty, he can do so with the least possible effort.

 If you can not check the battery charge status and can only guess from the estimated amount of battery, in most cases the battery will surprise your device and the headphones will turn off. To see the battery status in Android 8.1, you must first pair the headphones or Bluetooth device that has a battery with your phone and then open the Setting app. In the screen that opens, touch the Connect Devices option and then touch the Bluetooth option. Note that you should not touch the switch in front of Bluetooth, as the Bluetooth settings screen will appear.

You can only enable or disable Bluetooth. On the Bluetooth screen, you will see a list of paired devices that shows the amount of battery charge remaining in the device. It should be noted that not all Bluetooth-enabled Bluetooth devices may have this feature provided by the manufacturer.

As you can see in the figure above, the Bluetooth speaker that comes with the Nexus 6P running Android 8.1 and paired with the device does not show the battery charge status. More precisely, the Bluetooth speaker, which has the ability to display the level of battery charge, is not compatible with Android 8.1. To solve the problem of these programs, we must go to the installation of additional programs.

BatOn is a program to view the battery charge status

To be able to see the battery charge status of a Bluetooth device in Android 8.1 or older versions, there is a good application called BatOn. Visit this address to download BatOn. After downloading and installing the app, pair your Bluetooth device with your Android phone or tablet. Once connected, run the BatOn app. As you can see in the figure below, the above program shows a list of available devices and in front of them shows the battery charge of the device numerically and graphically.

Another solution that allows you to see the status of the battery charge is through the notifications panel. Drag it down to see how much battery is left. It should be noted that the BatOn program has a software bug with a number of Bluetooth applications. As a result, when the app is installed and connected to a Bluetooth device, the connection may be disconnected and reconnected at first. But eventually the connection will be stable.

If you tried any of the above methods, but still did not show the battery level on the Android device, the Bluetooth device has a battery that does not have the feature to display the battery charge on Android phones.

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