Charging time for Nubia Red Magic 6 Pro is less than expected

Nubia Red Magic 6
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The nubia Red Magic 6 Pro has just been unveiled. Now, thanks to the 120-watt charger, the charging time of the Nubia Red Magic 6 Pro is less than expected.

Yesterday we saw the introduction of Nubia Red Magic 6 and 6 Pro gaming phones . The regular model comes with a 65-watt charger, while the Pro version supports 120-watt charging. According to the manufacturer, the charging time of Nubia Red Magic 6 Pro will be 17 minutes and from 0 to 100%. Now a real test for the charging time of this phone has been done by a Chinese blogger named Zhong Wenze .

Charging time of Nubia Red Magic 6 Pro

Initially, the smartphone only has a 3% charge. Quickly and in just 10 seconds, we will see a 4% charge. Thanks to the 120 watt GaN charge (gallium nitride), after one minute, the charge of the device reaches 15%. It only takes 5 minutes for the Red Magic 6 Pro to reach 56% charge. 7 minutes after this issue, we will see a 100% charge of the device. In fact, it takes only 12 minutes and 7 seconds to charge the battery from 3% to 100%.

Obviously, this experiment may have its drawbacks and is not a scientific study, but it does help us get a better idea of ​​the actual 120 watt charge speed. In addition, we have to see at this charge speed, how much the temperature and heat of the device will be.

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