ChemMaths 17.5

ChemMaths 17.5

ChemMaths is a useful software for performing various engineering calculations that has a special application for chemical engineers. This program has a large number of computational functions, unit converters and tools for generating charts. The target population of this program is chemical engineers, but the computational functions and tools in it have many applications for mathematics, physics and other disciplines. This program has more than 3000 different combinations in its database that chemical engineers can use the database in their various calculations.

It is also possible to convert 300 different types of units to each other. Using this software, users can easily draw all kinds of information charts with different themes. Using the engineering calculator of this program, you can do almost all the necessary calculations. This program is able to solve 300 equations in the field of physics, electricity, mechanics and و and users will not need to calculate these equations manually. The information database of this program in the field of chemical compounds is very useful for chemists, engineers and chemistry enthusiasts, and by using this valuable database, you are able to predict and evaluate the behavior of chemical compounds in different modes.

In addition, you can calculate specifications, critical constants, viscosity, chemical thermodynamics, and surface tension. In the unit conversion section, you will be able to convert different types of units in different groups, including area, density, force, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, volume, and so on. The equations that can be solved using this program are classified into different categories, and the engineers of each field can quickly solve the equations related to their field.

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Use the serial in the Key file to register the software.

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