ChemProject 5.2.2

ChemProject 5.2.2

ChemProject is a handy tool for calculating the chemical synthesis of various compounds. This program has high power in calculating the chemical synthesis of different materials and also has a simple user interface. Using this software, the materials and elements participating in a chemical synthesis and their amount are calculated automatically. You can see the final result by changing the amount of ingredients or changing their type. The software is able to provide consumables, their cost and other required specifications. This information will be very useful for producing the desired material in real physical conditions. One of the advantages of this program is the creation of graphic shapes and diagrams showing chemical syntheses. You can easily see the result of synthesis with the logos and symbols used in chemistry books, and by changing various parameters, you can see the result instantly on these shapes.

ChemProject in situations where there are different solutions to a single problem. Introduces the best and most optimal method using intelligent calculations and analysis. Working with this program is very easy and by double-clicking on 3D graphic images, you can open the window of parameters and their specifications and apply the desired changes. We recommend to experts and enthusiasts of chemistry to perform calculations and learn chemical synthesis better and deeper, they must have this program in their system, because this program can be considered a real synthesis laboratory.

Features and features of ChemProject:

  • Ability to calculate a variety of simple and complex chemical syntheses
  • Ability to calculate the amount of consumables and their cost
  • Display materials and elements with chemical logos and symbols
  • Display results using beautiful 3D charts
  • Ability to change parametric syntheses
  • Feasibility study for recycling center materials for reuse in other syntheses
  • Comparison of different synthesis methods and suggestions for optimal modes
  • Provide rich and complete reports with full details
  • Ability to insert document files in Excel and Word and فر formats in the project

Installation guide

Copy the file in the Crack folder to the software installation location.

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