Cimaware OfficeFIX Professional 6.126

It may have happened to you that for some reason, hours of effort on a Word, Excel, Access, and س document have been lost and the file can not be accessed. Now due to its corruption, the deletion of the document and…. OfficeFIX is a collection of various tools for recovering and repairing documents from Office software. With this program, all types of documents prepared with Word, Excel, Access and Outlook can be retrieved and repaired. According to this program, it is able to recover 40% of the information well.

Sometimes you download a file from the Internet and when you open it with Office, for example Word, you may encounter an error stating that the file is corrupt. Do not miss the chance to use such tools in these cases, sometimes a small change in the header file will cause the file to be corrupted, which can be repaired in many formats, including office files. The size of this program is low and it has a neat graphical interface. Recovering and repairing the desired files is not difficult thanks to its simple steps, and with a few clicks you can try your luck to recover or repair the desired file. This software is provided by the Spanish company Cimaware and has had frequent improvements in its recovery and repair algorithms since the initial version. This program can now be considered a useful tool for Office suite owners.

OfficeFIX Features and Features:

  • Delete office files with high success rate
  • Simple and beautiful user interface
  • The steps are easy and far from complicated
  • Do not damage the original files
  • Ability to recover files and documents in Access, Word, Excel, outlook
  • High speed data recovery

Installation guide

Copy the files in the Crack folder to the software installation location.

Cracks versions 6.123 and 6.124 are not complete.

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