Citrix XenServer 6.2

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XenServer is one of the most powerful virtualization software in the world. The program has grown alongside giants such as VMWare vSphere and Hyper-V and has gained a lot of fans around the world due to its open source nature. All the features of this program are available to everyone in open source and free of charge. Many famous data centers in the world use this software for virtualization due to its free and convenient capabilities. This program is able to provide a platform on servers through which we can divide the hardware power of a powerful system into virtual systems and provide it to users.

When you receive a virtual server from your hosting, in fact, the various plans provided by these virtualizers are provided to you. For example, if our server has 64 GB of RAM. We can provide different plans to users by dividing RAM between virtual servers. Like its competitors, this program provides you with a complete management dashboard with which you can monitor the status of servers. See memory, CPU and disk usage and.. Turn each server on or off with one click. Install the desired operating system on them and many other common tasks. This product is provided by the American company Citrix, which has been active in the field of server and computer network services, remote control systems and cloud computing, as well as virtualization products.

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