Clark Labs TerrSet 18.31

Clark Labs TerrSet 18.31

TerrSet (formerly  IDRISI ) is an integrated geographic software designed to monitor and model geological systems. The software includes various geological tools including GIS tools and image processing. TerrSet provides a complete set of geological tools in a complete and affordable set without the need for additional extensions.
The GIS tool of this software is more than 300 parts that are used for processing geological data and explorations.
TerrSet image processing tool is widely used to classify and cluster data sets.
The ability to change geological parameters on a model allows geologists to be aware of the state of the area if conditions change.
The good news for programmers is that TerrSet provides the ability to use data and statistical results in other programming languages, such as C ++ or Python, by providing multiple application APIs.

Features and capabilities of Clark Labs TerrSet:

  • Complete geological tool for modeling and analyzing data
  • Intelligent image processing tool for working on data mining projects
  • Provide geographic data for each region for the past thirty years
  • Displays climate change in areas, such as changes in sea level or heat changes
  • Provide APIs for programming languages
  • Tools to show the role of governments in deforestation and carbon monoxide production, as well as agricultural income
  • Assessment tools for changing natural landscapes as well as changing biodiversity
  • Assessing the value of natural capital for sustainable development

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