Clever Database Comparer VCL 7.0.916.0

Clever Database Comparer VCL 7.0.916.0

Database Comparer VCL is a library of components for comparing and synchronizing objects and tables in a variety of SQL databases. This library is 100% Delphi VCL and can be used in Borland C ++. Using the components of this suite, programmers can compare different types of databases with each other and automatically run generated scripts to delete selected items or all changes. This library has more than 25 different components for developing database-based applications, and the code of this library is constantly improving performance and functionality.

One of the useful things you can do with these components is to synchronize the data in two tables from two different databases. For example, for some reason you may have used two different engines for your debit, such as one in MySQL and one in Oracle. With this library, you can compare the different tables of these two databases and eliminate their changes so that you always have two perfectly matched and coordinated databases. Another application of these components is the ability to extract the structure of databases. You can easily create hierarchical structures of objects, tables, procedures, triggers, and so on. Extract from the database and compare it with the structure of other databases. It is even possible to compare a complete database with another database, both structurally and in terms of data, and see the result on a regular basis.

Features and specifications of Database Comparer VCL component:

  •  Ability to compare two different databases
  • Ability to synchronize data in two different databases
  • Ability to extract the structure of databases
  • Complete guide
  • Existing source sources for Delphi and C ++
  • Supports Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, InterBase (FireBird, Yaffil), Sybase and Postgre SQL databases. SQL Server 2005
  • Supports ADO, BDE, InterBase Express, FIBPlus, IBObjects and ZeosLib interface engines directly supported. MyDAC, ODAC and AnyDAC

Installation guide

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