Clever Internet Suite 9.3.925 for .NET / 9.4.920.0 Delphi

Clever Internet Suite 9.3.925 for .NET / 9.4.920.0 Delphi

Clever Internet Suite provides everything you need to develop Internet applications without any external dependency. The Internet Component Kit contains over 50 components that are constantly being improved. With this component you can add SSL / TLS / SSH security to your Internet applications.

Features and Features of Clever Internet Suite Component:

  • DKIM – Registration, Review, Public and Private Key Production, DNS Record
  • Remote calling using SOAP WSDL with SOAP-HTTPRIO security support
  • Multiple SOAP digital signatures
  • Download large files (4GB) on various topics
  • View information progress for each process
  • Perform multiple asynchronous tasks with just a few strings
  • Encryption, decryption, name registration, data verification with X509 digital certificate and specified security algorithms
  • Client and server components with full SSL and TLS support for FTP, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 protocols
  • OAUTH license for SMTP, IMAP and HTTP components – GMAIL support
  • Send and receive HTTP requests in JSON and XML formats
  • International domain name for HTTP-IDN components
  • Easy to use HTTP servers
  • Upload and download SFTP files as well as manage files and directories via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SSH)
  • FTP Client – Support SSL / TLS and file transfer (site to site) FTP FXP
  • FTP Server – custom events for all operations with files and directories, virtual file systems
  • Secure email with S / MIME
  • Create and parse email messages in any format with attachments and embedded images
  • DNS Server – Manage DNS domains

Installation guide

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Download Clever Internet Suite for .Net 9.3.925


Download Clever Internet Suite 9.4.920.0 D7-D10.3, CB2006-CB10.3

Download Clever Internet Suite 9.3.917.0 D7-D10.3 CB2006-CB10.3

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