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How to enable and disable the clipboard in Windows 10

Enable Windows 10 Clipboard

In Windows 10 version 1809, you can activate the new clipboard using the settings program and the new keyboard shortcut.

The first method

Enable Windows 10 clipboard using settings

Enter Settings and then tap System

Click Clipboard and finally turn on the Clipboard history switch .

Windows 10 clipboard 

The second method

Alternatively, use these steps to activate the clipboard using the keyboard shortcut:

Use the Windows + V shortcut key and then click the Power button.

After completing the steps, you can use the clipboard experience and manage many other settings.

Disable Windows 10 Clipboard

The clipboard history device is disabled by default using the system, but if the feature is enabled using these steps, you can check or disable it:

1. Open Settings and click on System .

2. Then click on Clipboard and turn off the Clipboard history switch.



How to sync Windows 10 clipboard history

Perhaps one of the most interesting features of the new clipboard is the ability to place text and images on your other devices as well. However, for privacy reasons, you should enable and configure using these steps.

1. Open Settings and click System .

2. Then click on Clipboard and turn on the Sync across devices switch .

Windows 10 Clipboard History 

3. Select the auto-sync option you want to use:

Automatically sync text that I copy

Your Windows 10 clipboard history enters the cloud and syncs across your devices.

Never automatically sync text that I copy

Selecting this option should open the clipboard history and select the content you want to make available on all devices.

After completing the steps, the content history will be synced to the cloud and across the device using your specified settings.


How to clear Windows 10 clipboard history

If you want to delete your clipboard history, use these steps:

1. Open Settings and click on System .

2. Then click on Clipboard and finally select the Clear button to clear your Windows 10 clipboard history .

Clear Windows 10 Clipboard History

After completing the steps, the contents of your clipboard will be deleted from your device and Microsoft account, but the pinned items will remain in history until you delete them manually.

If you want to delete one or two clips, instead of clearing the entire date, you can open the Windows + V keys and click the X button for any content you want to delete . You can also click the Clear all button in the History interface to clear the list.

Clear Windows 10 Clipboard History

How to use the Windows 10 clipboard

In this part of the article, we want to talk about the most important issue, and that is how to use the Windows 10 clipboard . Let’s get acquainted with how to use this feature. Although this new clipboard introduces a new user interface and several new features, using it is not a complicated task, we recommend you try it.

The fact is that the new clipboard completes the old experience you already know. When you upgrade to the October 2018 update, you can still use the Ctrl + C shortcut to copy and the Ctrl + V shortcut to paste; You can now enter the history of the clipboard with the Windows + V keys . In this new interface, you will find a list of items (such as text and images) that you have copied from various applications such as Microsoft Word , Snip & Sketch , OneNote , etc.

If you want to copy and import your content from the history, use these steps:

1. Select the text or image from a program and right-click and click Copy or Cut .

2. Now open the document where you want to do the Paste operation and use the Windows + V key combination .

Introducing the Windows 10 clipboard 

You can also use these steps to pin items that you upload frequently for faster access.

Check the Windows 10 clipboard 

Use the Windows + V key to open the clipboard history and click the PIN button for content that you upload frequently.

If you no longer need the content, click the PIN button again or delete them by selecting the x button . There are some restrictions in history:

 For example, you can copy the name of a file, but copying a file to move it to another location will not be displayed in history, or images will not be copied individually and will not be accessible by syncing on other systems. but if you have a document or document copy in history will find it.

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