CLO Standalone 5.2.364.30284 x64

CLO Standalone 5.2.364.30284 x64

CLO 3D is a product of CLO Virtual Fashion Company, a powerful software for 3D design of clothes and clothing. Nowadays, computers play a significant role in industry and various industries use a variety of computer methods and techniques to increase the quality and quantity of their products. In the clothing industry, designing new models for clothing and responding to customer demand and creating diversity is considered important. Knowing this need, programmers and software companies have launched a variety of products to help fashion designers.

CLO 3D is one of these products that many customers have been fascinated by its capabilities. In this program, you can easily do all the steps of designing clothes, from designing the initial pattern to sewing, dosing, changing the material of the clothes, and finally adjusting the size, color, and so on. One of the advantages of designing with the help of this software is the possibility of displaying the clothes in three dimensions by different mannequins. In this way, the designer applies his desired changes in the clothes very quickly and sees the result on the desired mannequin body with one click. Repeats until it achieves the desired final result.

When you wear a mannequin, you can see it from different angles. All changes are displayed live and there is no news of old and boring methods. Using this program will significantly increase the design speed, and without incurring the cost of making physical models, you can perform all the steps in 3D on a computer, and after ensuring quality accuracy, prepare the product for mass production physically. do.

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CLO Standalone 5.2.364.30284 Multilingual x64

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