Code Composer Studio

Code Composer Studio

Code Composer Studio, also known as CCStudio or CCS, is an integrated programming environment for developing applications for Texas Instruments processors. This software is produced specifically for designing embeded and low level projects based on JTAG as well as debugging these systems. It should be noted that this program is based on the Eclipse programming environment, which can provide better support for Linux, Android, windows embeded operating systems, as well as compilers such as GCC.

Code Composer Studio is compatible with a wide range of TI embedded processors, including microcontrollers (MCUs), ARM-based processors, as well as signal processing (DSP) processors, all of which can be coded and debugged. The software includes an optimized C ++ compiler, code editor, project build environment, debugger, profiler and many more features. The powerful and attractive user interface of this program allows you to do your work step by step, and familiar tools allow users to get on with the software very quickly and get started.

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Available in the Readme.txt file.

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