Code Rocket for Visual Studio 2.13

Code Rocket for Visual Studio 2.13

Code Rocket is a tool for documenting and automatically generating code that will reduce the time and cost of software development. In fact, this product gives programmers the ability to first get an overview of the program logic before writing the main code, using pseudo-coding and visual coding features through various flowcharts, and then with a push of a button these codecs and Flowcharts become real programming code and the programmer goes to complete the code. Of course, keep in mind that automated code generators will only produce the basic structure and framework of the code for you, and expecting to write complete code is an unrealistic expectation. These tools are designed to facilitate the work of programmers only.

The manufacturer of this product has provided different versions of it for different environments. Due to the high importance of the Visual Studio programming environment for Windows programmers, a version of this tool called Code Rocket for Visual Studio has been created in the form of A plugin is added to the Visual Studio environment and provides all the capabilities of Code Rocket to Windows programmers. Just create an empty method and select Pseudocode Editor from the View menu to pseudocode or Flowchart Editor to create program logic with a flowchart. Note that any changes to the code were automatically applied to these editors, so there is a two-way communication between this tool and the coding environment, which will facilitate the work of .NET programmers.

Features and Features of Code Rocket for Visual Studio:

  •  Editor for pseudocode writing
  • Editor to build application logic with flowcharts
  • Create accurate and complete documentation in HTML format or Microsoft Word output
  • Two-way communication of design environment with coding environment and two-way update (Visual Basic, C #, Java and C ++)

Installation guide

Available in the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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Download Rapid_Quality_Systems_Code_Rocket_Designer_2.13

Download Code_Rocket_for_Visual_Studio_v2.12

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