Code V 10.4 x86

Code V 10.4 x86

Code V Optical design software is used to model, analyze, optimize and provide manufacturing support for the development of various application optical systems. It provides a powerful yet simple tool for optical and computational techniques that enables you to create superior designs and work in the time they were created.

Features of Code V:

  • User-friendly interface with customizable data display and navigation features that allow you to adapt the space to your workflow and reduce design steps.
  • An integrated command line that enables you to speed up the design process by freely mixing commands and mouse operations.
  • COM interface to automate tasks and leverage COM-enabled applications to integrate a multi-engineering software environment
  • User programmable features, support for surface shape, surface properties and…
  • The fastest design optimization feature in the industry
  • Supports tolerance and build features to solve pre-design problems
  • Unique optimization algorithms to ensure performance prediction
  • Intelligent, default engineering based on all analysis capabilities
  • Many diagnostic evaluation options such as transverse radius deviation and OPD curves
  • Many geometric image evaluation options such as dot charts and MTFs
  • Non-consecutive radiation tracking
  • Partial coherence of one-dimensional and two-dimensional image analysis
  • Unique layout optimization that automatically determines the appropriate hardware settings to a light level based on measurement interference, saving countless hours of time.

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Available in text files in the Crack folder.

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