Code Virtualizer

Code Virtualizer

Code Virtualizer is software to protect programs against reverse engineering and crack. With its powerful obfuscation algorithms, this program helps developers to minimize the possibility of intrusion, cracking and so-called reverse engineering of the program by obscuring and complicating the final code of the program, and thus prevent any abuse. . This software can be used for Windows, Linux and Mac applications.

Code Virtualizer provides this security by converting Intel x86 / x64 instructions to virtual code apps that can only be understood by virtual machines interfaces. In fact, both OpCodes and virtual machines interpret these opcodes from one product to another, and the program uses its own algorithms to prevent joint attacks. This product is able to virtualize native x32 and x64 codes for PE / ELF and Mach-O files such as exe, dll, system services, OCX, ActiveX, shared objects, screen savers and drives of various devices.

The bottom line is that Code Virtualizer, with its powerful technology, prevents any exploration of sensitive program code, such as parts of the program that perform serial validation, code licensing, and program activation. This tool also modifies the protected file header to some extent, which means you can place the compressor and other protection software on top of Code Virtualizer. If you are a Windows driver developer and you are worried about accessing and infiltrating your code, this program with the same technology insures both 32-bit and 64-bit drivers against any kind of intrusion.

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The latest version is cracked and does not need to be activated.

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