Code with Mosh - Clean Coding and Refactoring 2019
Clean Coding and Refactoring

Code with Mosh – Clean Coding and Refactoring 2019


Clean Coding and Refactoring is a training course on clean and optimal coding and refactoring of old programs and codes, published by the specialized academy Code with Mosh. One of the most important differences between novice programmers and professionals is in the coding style and methods of structuring the code.

Professional programmers try to use the simplest and least voluminous solutions and keep their code readable and concise, but novice programmers like to choose the most complex solutions and do not care about reading the code. Your code should be understandable at a glance by other programmers and colleagues, and you should be able to easily understand the logic of the code and rebuild the program yourself after years. This training course is based on the C # programming language and C programmers can benefit from this course.

Code reconstruction is the process of rebuilding and editing existing code so that the final result and output of the program will not change.

What you will learn in the Clean Coding and Refactoring course:

  • Detect and identify disordered and problematic codes and reconstruct and rewrite codes
  • Fast and secure reconstruction and rewriting techniques without introducing bugs to the program
  • Reconstruct code with the powerful ReSharper tool
  • Write legible and professional code
  • Divide the code into small, understandable sections of a file
  • Simplify complex and nested conditional expressions into comprehensible and concise sections

Course specifications

Publisher: Code with Mosh
Instructor: Mosh Hamedani
Language: English
Education Level: Medium
Courses: 15
Training Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes

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Clean Coding and Refactoring course topics

Introduction (3m)

Common Code Smells (1h 45m)

Complete Refactoring Examples (35m)

Course pictures


Clean Coding and Refactoring

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