Code4Ward Royal TS 3.2.9 Build 60630 Multilingual

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Royal TS is an efficient software for connecting and managing remote systems. Using this program, you can easily connect to Hyper-V and remote clients based on RDP protocol. The graphical interface of this program is designed like Windows Explorer, which will facilitate switching between different systems. Connection security in this program is very high and all security points are included in it. Login validation information is stored in an rts file by which you can access the desired systems in other systems without additional effort.

Royal TS displays the information of all sessions, including active, disconnected sessions, the username of each of them and other required information. You can set the program to ask you for a password every time you log in, or the passwords will be saved so that you can automatically log in to the systems in the future. You can also define common and default values ​​that you do not have to re-enter when adding new systems. For example, if you have multiple remote clients that have the same username and password, you can define the default username and password in this section so that each system does not need to re-enter this information. You can also connect to the destination client in console mode if needed. Sometimes you need to change the default RDP port to another number. In this program, you can do this easily.

required system 

Royal TS Compatibility:

NET Framework 4.6.1
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