CodeIt.Right Enterprise 3.3.18070

CodeIt Right Enterprise is a fast and automated way to ensure predefined adherent source code and style instructions as well as best programming practices. CodeIt Right SubMain product helps you improve software quality, ensure code accuracy, find problems and solve them easily. If you are starting a new project or retaining an existing product, CodeIt Right is the right choice.

Features and Features of CodeIt Right Enterprise Component:

  • Quick Code Browse: Feedback of code problems at the same time in Visual Studio Editor, highlight written code and display a complete list of code problems
  • Best Microsoft Instructions: A set of rules based on Microsoft .NET instructions, framework design guide, and industry best practices including naming, function, security, design, interoperability, etc.
  • Automatically edit code: Correct incorrect code automatically with IntelliFix technology
  • Configure rules to fit programming standards, develop custom rules, customize rules based on T4 template
  • Scan all files before creation
  • Eliminate the negative dynamics of the team from the code review process
  • Team settings module, publish and share profiles, configuration, custom rules and updates with other team members, collect and analyze team usage statistics
  • Use metric code to gain an overview of your applications and consider potential problems that need to be changed or tested
  • Code analysis in Visual Studio, support for C # and VB.NET languages ​​and all versions of Visual Studio

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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Download CodeIt.Right Enterprise 3.3.18070 – 2019.0.19100

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