Codejock Xtreme Suite Pro for ActiveX v18.6 x86

Using Codejock Suite Pro for ActiveX COM, you can build professional software that uses a wide range of customizable components for the user interface. For example, you can use the connected panel Visual Studio and ribbon Office style. There are also toolbars and menus that give your software a professional look.

Components of the Codejock Xtreme Suite Pro suite for ActiveX COM:

Command Bars : Provides multiple options to choose from including Ribbon Office and Visual Studio style and Office theme support, clear Tab tabs, MDI tabs and gallery controls, accelerators and shortcuts, call and save buttons -Possibility of full customization

Controls : Various options include buttons, combo boxes, common messages, progress bar, editing controls, pop-up warning windows, theme-compatible navigation bars, tab controls, skin controls, support for XAML bookmarks, management Taskbar…

Chart Pro : Provides several types of charts including bar, point, line, circle, radar, polar, region, financial, Gantt, funnel, pyramid, graphic and analytical with various features

Calendar : Provides various options to choose from integrated time scales and date selector , multiple scheduling, calendar views daily and monthly, Microsoft Office and its custom theme support, various data formats including XML, MySQL, SQL Server and Outlook and more

Docking Pane : Ability to use Visual Studio and Office Connection Panel, Visio Connected Style, Auto Hide Window, Pinnacle‌ Panels, Drag and Drop Location, Cascading Panels and…

Property Grid : Ability to use the integrated toolbar and Help panel, hierarchically editable list, local button controls, data sorting, composite lists, separator sizes, editing mask and…

Report Control : Features include integrated field selector, virtual list mode, reusable layouts, multiple selection, tree view mode, office theme support, different cell types, column attributes, and more.

Shortcut Bar : Features include an expandable navigation bar, list of shortcuts, the ability to show and hide the panel, shortcut icons, title bar, support for Office and Windows themes, and more.

Syntax Edit : Provide features including plugin block grouping, syntax coloring, line numbering, font type, predefined color scheme, bookmarks, breakpoints and…

Skin Framework : Provides a variety of options to choose from, including Windows and Office software skins, support for all Windows controls, skin-building software, support for multiple skins, custom theme support, and more.

Task Panel : Features include group titles, animation, expandable groups, margins, support for Visual Studio and Office themes, toolbar layout, drag-and-drop capability, quick tracking, and more.

Installation guide

This version is complete and does not require activation.

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