CodeSmith Professional 8.1

CodeSmith Professional 8.1

CodeSmith Professional is a software development tool  that helps you get the job done much faster. This template -driven generator code source is that  it can be  automated code source program co- own for any language (C #, Java VB PHP ASP.NET SQL etc.) to create it. CodeSmith Professional contains many useful templates as well as whole    A set of templates for Proven architectural production (netTiers, CSLA, NHibernate, PLINQO, Entity Framework, Kinetic Framework and more). You easily can make any form of  change  or by writing  format  your code exactly produce desired. How to write code in CodeSmith Professional  almost  with ASP.NET  same  is So  if you are familiar with ASP.NET, you will  be able to learn how to code with this program quickly. You can get the C # VB.NET           Create your own template in either JScript.NET or VB.NET and then output it to any language   Get ski – based . 

Features of CodeSmith Professional:

– Simple Template Syntax: Simple syntax for templates

– Execute Custom Templates: Build and execute templates by yourself

– Auto SQL Script Execution: Execute SQL scripts automatically

– SchemaExplorer Schema Discovery API

– Rich XML Support: Full XML language support

– Sub Template Support: Build nested templates

– Useful Sample Templates: Various examples of pre-made templates

– Console Client: Use for Console applications

– Template Explorer Client: Search templates by the user

– Template Editor: Ability to edit templates

– IntelliSense Template: Having IntelliSense for templates

– Visual Studio Integration: Ability to coordinate with Visual Studio

– Template Caching: Build cache for templates

– Template Debugging: debugging templates

– Merge Capabilities: Mix features and abilities

– MSBuild Support: Support for MSBuild

– ActiveSnippet Support: Support for ActiveSnippet

Installation guide

1- First disconnect from the internet 2- Run the keygen file, change the Prefix value to “CS70P-” 3- Click the Generate button 4- Click on the Generate Activation Code button 5- Set the Prefix value to ” CS70P- ”Change 6- Enter the serial number in CodeSmith Generator and select the offline activate option to get the Manchine code 7- Enter the machine value in the Machine Hash code 8- Click on the Generate button 9- Activation value Add code to CodeSmith Generator.

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