CodeTrigger Professional - Standalone and Visual Studio

CodeTrigger Professional – Standalone and Visual Studio

CodeTrigger is an automated code generator for C # that can be used both independently and seamlessly with the Visual Studio environment. Using this tool, you will be able to easily build SQL Server procedures, and in multi-layer applications, you will be able to quickly create data layer and business layer classes.

CodeTrigger automatically generates various classes and code for WCF interfaces or Winform, ASP.NET, or WPF-based applications. This tool tries to simplify and accelerate the software development process by automatically generating duplicate project codes.

CodeTrigger is designed to work with SQL Server +2005, Oracle 11g / 12c and MySQL + 5.5, can import predefined schemas, and in multi-layer applications can model database relationships for WPF / WCF / Winforms applications / Web application enables. Using CodeTrigger allows your team to focus on the main parts of the code, rather than on duplicates in most projects.

CodeTrigger Features:

  • Various settings for automatic code generation
  • Ability to build commercial objects, data
  • Ability to create lazy loading collections
  • Quick and automatic reflection of script changes in the database
  • Build SQL / PLSQL scripts
  • Ability to build inline SQL scripts inside the code
  • Ability to build single-layer or complex multi-layer applications using wizards
  • Various settings for building SQL scripts, object relationships, foreign and primary keys, and…
  • Ability to create custom queries using the CRITERIAQUERY API
  • Build code in partial classes to develop separately and not clutter the main programmer code
  • Ability to automatically create interfaces and inherited members in the desired classes
  • Source control support
  • Support for CONTINOUS INTEGRATION using command line commands
  • Ability to create WCF services for the project
  • No need for side libraries
  • Complete online guide

Installation guide

Available in the Readme.txt file.

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Download CodeTrigger_6.1.0.7_Professional _-_ Standalone_and_Visual_Studio

Download Code Generation For C #, WPF, WCF, SQL SERVER / ORACLE / MYSQL and Visual Studio 2012-2015

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