CodeWarrior Development Studio for Power Architecture 10.5.1

CodeWarrior Development Studio for Power Architecture 10.5.1

CodeWarrior software for developers  which can  applications for  systems of Windows  or MAC OS operating systems company’s products  using an environment of complex  and languages  C / C ++ and Java  build. CodeWarrior  puts everything for  you  easily and  in one set  to use  , and also includes various application tools that can make your work much easier. Tools such as advanced project management      System construction Source code editor code completion for C, ++ and Java compilers linkers root browser and more The development of  cross-platform  is another feature of the program by which you can build applications for Windows and the system of Macs in the environment CodeWarrior tool     To develop cross-platform changes to the code between platforms to minimize and support of multiple environments to develop in a Single platform .

CodeWarrior Features:

– Support for C, C ++ and Java languages

– Project Management

–  Versatile text editor

–  Complete code for Java and C ++ C

– Search and view class specifications

– work space

–  Powerful search engine

–  Has powerful C / C ++ compilers 

– Java Rad tools 

–  Debugging new STL mode

–  Integrated debugger with remote debugging capability  

–  Latest AltiVec support

– Support for JDK 1.3.1

– Local support for Unicode UTF- 8 / input / output file 

– Compare and merge  files  for  printing 

–   IDE input and output  settings in XML

–  Toolbar customization and key volumes

–  Open API for integration tools for third party

– Online documentation and samples 

– Use the Docking feature   in  Windows

– Support for  JDK 1.4 and 1.3 

–  Exception structure support in Win32 

–  Create Code for all Intel Pentium IV or AMD Athlon XP

CodeWarrior program tips:

– This software can only be run on Windows XP.

Installation guide

This program does not require any crack or serial number.

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