Coding With Mitch - Food2Fork Recipe App 2021-3

Coding With Mitch – Food2Fork Recipe App 2021-3


Food2Fork Recipe App is an Android programming training course. This course is a continuation of the Jetpack Compose MVVM for Beginners course with features such as Compose ONLY navigation, database caching, Use-cases, and integrated evaluation.

What you will learn in the Food2Fork Recipe App course:

  • Kathleen Programming Language
  • MVVM
  • Create navigation (with one activity and no fragmentation)
  • Retrieve network data from the API using the REST API
  • Cache the database
  • Monitor network connections
  • Needs injection (HILT)
  • Use cases
  • Datastore
  • Unit Testing
  • MockWebServer (Okhttp)
  • Kathleen Workflow
  • Requirements management with Kotlin kts
  • Queue system for managing problem messages (dialogs)

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Course specifications

Publisher: (Coding With Mitch (CodingWithMitch)
Instructors: Mitch Tabian
Language: English
Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Courses: 37
Duration: 6 hours and 28 minutes

Food2Fork Recipe App course topics:

Course Demo

Part 1 – Project Dependencies
Dependency Updates (Hilt and Compose)
Gradle Dependency Management with Kotlin (buildSrc)

Part 2 – Compose Navigation
Navigation Destinations with Kotlin Sealed Classes
Compose-only Navigation System
Passing Arguments in a Compose-only Navigation System
Firing a One-off Event in a Composable

Part 3 – Database Cache Setup (Offline First)
Room Database Setup
Room Dao Functions (CRUD)
Providing the Room Database with Hilt

Part 4 – Domain Model Refactor
Domain Model Refactor
Domain Mappers and Date Conversions

Part 5 – Use Cases
Search Recipes (use case)
Providing Use-cases with Hilt
Restore Recipes (use case)
Get Recipe (use case)

Part 6 – Handling Errors with a Queue (Dialogs)
Dialogs with Jetpack Compose
Planning the Dialog Queue System
Generic Dialog (reusability)
The Builder Pattern for Dialog Information
Managing Errors using a Queue

Part 7 – Monitoring Network Connectivity
Monitoring a Network Connection with ConnectivityManager
Testing if a Connection has Internet
Monitoring Internet Connectivity as LiveData
Connectivity Changes and the UI
Leveraging ConnectivityManager in Use-cases

Part 8 – DataStore (The new Shared Preferences)
When should you use DataStore?
Dark Theme and Light Theme with DataStore

Part 9 – Unit Testing
Unit Testing Dependencies
Mock Web Server for Fake Network Data
Fake Caching Data
Testing SearchRecipes Use-case
Testing RestoreRecipes Use-case
Testing GetRecipe Use-case

Part 10 – Updates
BETA Updates
Rocket Animation

Course prerequisites:

Jetpack Compose MVVM for Beginners Course.




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