Cognos - Components and Services

Cognos – Components and Services

There are numerous parts in Cognos that talk with one another utilizing BI Bus and are referred to as Easy Object Entry Protocol (SOAP) and helps WSDL. BI Bus in Cognos structure is just not a software program part however consists of a set of protocols that enables communication between Cognos Providers.

The processes enabled by the BI Bus protocol consists of −

  • Messaging and dispatching
  • Log message processing
  • Database connection administration
  • Microsoft .NET Framework interactions
  • Port utilization
  • Request circulate processing
  • Portal Pages

Once you set up Cognos Eight utilizing the Set up wizard, you specify the place to put in every of those parts −


The Cognos Eight Internet server tier incorporates a number of Cognos Eight gateways. The online communication in Cognos Eight is usually by way of gateways, which reside on a number of internet servers. A gateway is an extension of an internet server program that transfers data from the online server to a different server. Internet communication can even happen instantly with a Cognos Eight dispatcher however this feature is much less widespread.

Cognos Eight helps a number of kinds of Internet gateways, together with −

  • CGI − The default gateway, CGI can be utilized for all supported Internet servers. Nonetheless, for enhanced efficiency or throughput, you could select one of many different supported gateway sorts.
  • ISAPI − This can be utilized for the Microsoft Web Info Providers (IIS) Internet server. It delivers quicker efficiency for IIS.
  • apache_mod − You should utilize an apache_mod gateway with the Apache Internet server.
  • Servlet − In case your Internet server infrastructure helps servlets or you’re utilizing an utility server, you should use a servlet gateway.

Utility Tier Parts

This part consists of a dispatcher that’s accountable to function companies and route requests. The dispatcher is a multithreaded utility that makes use of a number of threads per request. The configuration modifications are routinely communicated to all of the operating dispatchers. This dispatcher consists of Cognos Utility Firewall to supply safety for Cognos 8.

The dispatcher can route requests to an area service, such because the report service, presentation service, job service, or monitor service. A dispatcher can even route requests to a particular dispatcher to run a given request. These requests will be routed to particular dispatchers based mostly on load-balancing wants, or package deal or person group necessities.

Content material Supervisor

Content material Supervisor incorporates Entry Supervisor, the first safety part of Cognos 8. Entry Supervisor leverages your current safety suppliers to be used with Cognos 8. It offers Cognos Eight with a constant set of safety capabilities and APIs, together with person authentication, authorization, and encryption. It additionally offers assist for the Cognos namespace.