Collaborative Writing – Editing Strategy

When it comes to reviewing and revising the final draft, the team should design strategies that help them evaluate and edit the team’s writing, such as implementing quality control measures, holding periodic reviews and sharing feedback. The feedback should be on whether the writing has −

  • Accomplished its primary goal of addressing the readers’ uses.
  • Identified and addressed all copyrighting and editing issues.
  • Reviewed and edited all the final areas of the document.

As these meetings are held after parts of the document have been designed, the team will have to anticipate many issues that might crop up during the writing process, such as copyediting, grammar usage, content checking, etc.

After that, they will have to mention the project status, note the deviations, if any, from the initial plan and the list of actions that led to the difference between the first action plan and the current one. This process is divided into the following two segments −

  • Review Draft
  • Informal Progress Report

Let us know discuss these two segments in detail.

Review Draft

In this segment, the team will present their document, acknowledging the incomplete sections, and make space for them in the project.

Review Draft

In the later stages of their presentation, they will describe what will be mentioned in these spaces.

Every member of the team should have authority to review and evaluate the other members of the team.

The feedback should be short, precise and specific so that the members can act in an expedited manner.

The Informal Progress Report

The informal progress report can be structured like a weekly memo that gives a clear idea on the progress of the team. Members of the team should then initially sign each other’s progress reports.

Informal Report

The memo should address the following questions −

  • Who attended the meeting?
  • Who missed the meeting, and why?
  • Was the list of items on the agenda discussed?
  • What was the next sequence of action plans?
  • What is the status of very participant’s involvement and progress?

These progress reports should include all the team members’ names, their contact numbers, i.e. phone numbers and email addresses for easier contact.