Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12 Pro

Galaxy S21
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According to information leaked from Samsung’s new flagship, we can finally compare the Samsung Galaxy S21 – Galaxy S21 with the iPhone 12 Pro in a comparison.


It seems that Samsung is announcing the release of its new flagships in early 2021, intending to bring the release date of its new gadgets closer to its longtime rival, Apple. On this account, the competition between the two companies is now much more attractive than before, and we will not have to wait long to compare them.

However, a few weeks ago that we both iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S 12 20 Fan Edition with each other Compare We; The result also showed that Samsung could also offer great handsets at (relatively) low prices. However, today, according to the announced and leaked information about the Galaxy S21, we intend to put this phone in front of the iPhone 12 Pro, which has more features than the regular iPhone 12; But would such a comparison even be fair?


Samsung Galaxy S21 - Galaxy S21 with iPhone 12 Pro

We asked the first question about the fairness of this comparison, and with this in mind, it is necessary to first answer this question by considering the price of these two phones. If we compare the Samsung Galaxy S21 with the iPhone 12 Pro economically, the 128GB model of both of them will save buyers $ 999. Also in terms of color, both flagships are offered in different designs that make this competition fair.

The Galaxy S21 will be available in gray, pink, white, black as well as purple. While the iPhone 12 Pro, in blue, graphite, and gold, is now available for purchase.

Technical Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S21 - Galaxy S21 with iPhone 12 Pro

The 6.2-inch display of the Samsung Galaxy S21 is actually slightly larger than the iPhone 12 Pro, but it is interesting to note that this phone is designed to be a bit thinner so that it will not be a problem for users to use with one hand. In addition, Samsung’s next flagship feature over the iPhone 12 Pro is the lack of notch and Infinity O mode for the phone’s camera, which gives users more screen space. You’ve also probably heard the criticism of Apple for refusing to offer a limit of more than 60 Hz on all iPhone 12 models; An option that Samsung will re-offer in its new flagship at 120 Hz.

Other advantages compared to the Samsung Galaxy S21 compared to the iPhone 12 can undoubtedly include the use of the 5th generation Internet network in these phones. The Galaxy S21 uses a 5nm Snapdragon 888 chip with a 5G modem included in the chip by default; This is something that Apple has done the opposite and put the modem separately in the iPhone 12 models. However, it is noteworthy that in the method adopted by Apple, the phone is charged quickly and its antenna will be relatively weaker, which makes Samsung superior in terms of technical specifications.

Samsung Galaxy S21 - Galaxy S21 with iPhone 12 Pro

Of course, in terms of performance, it should be noted that the iPhone 12 Pro (and in other words, all iPhone 12 models) use the A14 chip, which will probably remain unbeatable in terms of processing speed until next year; However, such speed is not a much-needed option at the moment for running apps and even heavy mobile games.

In terms of RAM space, the comparison between iOS and Android operating systems will be discussed again; Where the iPhone 12 Pro will cope well with 6 GB of RAM and the Samsung Galaxy S21 with 8 GB of RAM will be a competitor. Of course, it should be noted that the amount of RAM intended for the new Samsung flagship has been announced on various sites and benchmark lists in different sizes, for which we have to wait for the official announcement.

Battery life and charging speed

Samsung Galaxy S21 - Galaxy S21 with iPhone 12 Pro

Unfortunately, this year Apple reduced the battery capacity of the iPhone 12 Pro by 2,815 mAh compared to the iPhone 11 Pro, citing better usage, which is the same as last year. However, Samsung has considered this capacity to be around 4,000 mAh, which is a much better option compared to the iPhone 12 Pro.

It is also interesting to know that the optimal use of the battery will also apply to the Samsung Galaxy S21; Because this gadget also uses a 5-nanometer chip, which means that it consumes about 25% less battery, which will show a better result even by lowering the refresh rate of the image.


Samsung Galaxy S21 - Galaxy S21 with iPhone 12 Pro

Both phones use three main camera lenses, telephoto as well as ultra-wide, which numerically, the 64-megapixel camera of the Samsung Galaxy S21 will have a definite advantage. But you should know that this amount is almost the same as the 12-megapixel camera of the iPhone 12 Pro, and only after the arrival of the phone and their complete comparison can we announce the winner of this part.

However, in terms of video recording system with these phones, Apple this year introduced a very attractive feature for its flagships that we have seen before in separate and expensive cameras; Dolby Vision 4K HDR video recording capability at 60 frames per second will be a defining feature for the iPhone 12 Pro. But compared to that, the Samsung Galaxy S21 has the ability to store 8K videos with its powerful processor and camera, which can be recorded at 30 frames per second.

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