Concepts NREC Suite 8.7.X 2019-12

Concepts NREC Suite 8.7.X 2019-12

Concepts Nrec is a world leading company and software company in the field of turbo car design, testing and production, which is proud to announce the release of a new version. The Concepts Nrec software suite is the only commercial vehicle turbo design system available that includes the integration of a complete engineering process through a complementary set of computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools and applications and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). Integrated system elements include basic design and detailed mobile design with CFD and FEA. The system also offers 5 axes of specialized machining software, automatic optimization and smooth data transfer to the CAD package.

Features of NREC Concepts package:

  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) power management solution
  • Integrated CAM / CAE tools with process and build management
  • Simulate virtual performance, reliability, durability and production at the lowest cost
  • Build, test and modify a real product based on standards and best practices
  • Accelerate development at the best opportunity for market success
  • Predict product behavior for PLM, quality assurance and certification process
  • Tight integration between AxCent geometry software and Pushbutton CFD® and Pushbutton FEA. It brings the integration of 3D CFD and FEA analysis into the design process. As a result, processing time is significantly reduced

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder of each program.

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Download Concepts NREC 8.7.X (2019.12) Suite x86-64

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Download Concepts NREC Suite 8.6.X Build Date 2018-06-16

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