Condusiv Diskeeper 18 Professional / Server 20.0.1300

Condusiv Diskeeper 18 Professional / Server 20.0.1300

Diskeeper is a very efficient and popular software for defragmenting and preventing the scattering of files on hard disks. Scattering and fragmenting files at the hard disk level is a familiar and common theme. When you copy files to your hard disk, you run a program, and whatever causes you to have a data transaction with your hard disk, you should know that your hard disk surface files are scattered over time and written to different sectors. On the other hand, needle disks or hard disks, due to their physical nature, greatly reduce their efficiency when faced with scattered data and reduce the speed of data access. To prevent this, Windows has provided a defragmentation tool for users to tidy up their disk from time to time. But the capabilities of this program may not meet the needs of users.

Diskeeper is the answer to these needs. This program is a smart and efficient tool for defragmenting and storing hard disks. When you install this program on the system, by providing basic information to it, it automatically and significantly improves the performance of your hard disk. This program monitors every data transaction with the hard drive and prevents data scatter from moment to moment. It is noteworthy that the defragmentation speed of this program is better than similar programs and the overall performance of the program is more noticeable than competitors.

Features and Features of Diskeeper:

  •  Beautiful and simple user interface
  • High speed defragmentation with the help of the proprietary technology of this program
  • Instantaneous monitoring of the hard disk and prevent data scatter on its surface
  • Different settings to perform the desired operation in different time periods
  • Compatible with most versions of Windows

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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