connecting wireless printers to the WiFi network
wireless printers

connecting wireless printers to the WiFi network

How to solve the problem of connecting wireless printers to the WiFi network?

The popularity of wireless printers is increasing day by day due to the ease of use among users, because they can use their laptop or mobile phone while in another room of the house or another part of the place. They do their job, they also do the printing work. In this method, due to the lack of wires and the hassle of connecting it, your desktop computer and laptop no longer need to be in one place. You can share wireless printers with multiple devices and print jobs anywhere in the area covered by Wi-Fi.

Using wireless printers, despite its many advantages, has its own problems. Like any other technology that may cause its own problems, printers (wired or wireless) also face a series of errors and problems in their operation. In such cases, if your wireless printer has a problem, you can check the following before notifying the technicians of the manufacturer:


If your device does not print or suddenly stops in the middle, turn everything off, including the networked device, the printer itself, and the router, and turn it on again after a few seconds. Doing so and restarting the connection steps may resolve your issue.

Make sure the wireless connections are secure

If the problem persists, check the wireless connection status to see if your printer is connected to the network. Also check how your computer or laptop is connected to the network and make sure they are connected to the network properly. You can log in to the control panel of the wireless router to see if the printer has an IP address and see the MAC address of the printer. If the printer is not recognized in the wireless router; So the problem is with the printer and you have to restart and try to connect the printer to WiFi.

Check your firewall and antivirus

Once you are sure that the first two methods will not solve your printer problem, check your firewall and antivirus as well as any software you have recently installed, as there are some programs that do not allow Let the printer and the computer communicate properly.


If none of the above help fix your wireless printer problem, reconfiguring the printer may help. Try reinstalling the printer.

If this does not work, you can change the printer’s IP address on the computer as the ip address may have changed for any reason and the printer may not be working properly. Do.

Finally, you can go to your printer manufacturer’s website to download the latest printer driver-related drivers and software, or try out the documentation and troubleshooting steps provided by them.


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