CONVERGE CFD 2.4.21 Windows / Linux

CONVERGE CFD 2.4.21 Windows / Linux

CONVERGE CFD is a multi-purpose software from Convergent Science for computational dynamic fluid (CFD) simulation and analysis. This program is offered with innovative features that are mentioned in the features of the program in general. Using this software, the time required for mesh design is eliminated by the user, installation and connection of moving parts is done automatically, the deformation of meshes related to border movements is prevented, and also independent of the mesh resolution, the best geometric structure for The meshes are selected.

CONVERGE CFD Software also fully integrates with POWER / GT-SUITE, which adds two-way interaction, border connections and hydromechanical connections to the program. The program includes complete chemical models and uses genetic optimization tools.

 Features and specifications of CONVERGE CFD software:

  •  Powerful and efficient user interface
  • No user need to design meshes (CONVERGE is a different software in the field of CFD, this program automatically generates grids at runtime, so you do not need to spend time to create meshes)
  • Improvement of meshes by adaptive AMR method
  • Use advanced and accurate combustion models to solve many combustion-related problems
  • Ability to simulate multiphase fluids
  • Ability to simulate turbulent fluids and cluttered and complex scenarios
  • Accurate analysis of fluid heat exchange in boundary states
  • Careful examination of issues related to the interaction of different components with each other
  • Simultaneous calculations to increase computational speed

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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Download CONVERGE 2.4.21 Datecode 082118 x64

Download CONVERGE 2.4.21 Datecode 082118 Linux64

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