Learn how to convert video format with xilisoft video converter program

convert video format
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Learn how to convert video format with xilisoft video converter program


Xilisoft Video Converter software is one of the efficient and professional software products from Xilisoft company. This software has many capabilities for working on the movie, including cutting a part of the movie, inserting subtitles and copyright (Watermark), making clips, converting video format and… It must have occurred to you that you want to play a clip or movie on a specific device, but that device does not support the movie format; In these cases, you must change the file format to a format supported by the player. In today’s article, we will provide you with a video format conversion tutorial with xilisoft video converter program, so stay tuned ما


Convert video format with xilisoft video converter program

To convert a video format with this program, just follow the steps below:

first stage:

  • Drag the file you want to the program page, that is, select the file and hold it with the left mouse button and drop it on the software page. You can also use the Add button on the top left; In this way, when you click on this button, a window will open where you can find the file, select it and add it to the program page by clicking the Open button;


Convert video format with xilisoft video converter

second stage:

  • If the file is selected incorrectly or you want to delete the file for any reason, just use the Remove button next to the Add button. You can also right-click on the file name and select Remove;
  • To change the desired file format from the Profile drop-down list, you can specify the video format of the output file;

An interesting possibility is that it offers you different options depending on the player; You can specify from the Device section, which device (phone, computer or tablet) you want to play this file with which operating system (Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac, etc.); By selecting each device, it also offers a menu of supported formats for that device; This is not a typical and wrong scope of work.

third level:

  • By selecting All Profiles, you can see all the video formats that can be supported by the program at once;


Learn how to convert video format with xilisoft video converter program

Step 4:

  • After determining all the desired items, right-click on the file and select Properties; In the new box that opens for you, you can compare the specifications of the original file with the specifications that the file will have after conversion. This feature, especially in terms of file size and quality, is very cartoonish before and after conversion;


Step 5:

  • In the Destination section, the default file saving path is specified, which can be changed by clicking the Browse button;
  • After determining all the items, click on the Start button from the top bar to complete the operation! Start converting video format….


Convert video format with xilisoft video converter


  • By clicking on the Open button, you can open the window where the converted file is stored and play the file;
  • You can see the current status and completion of the format conversion process from the Suatus section shown in the image below (done before the percentage is completed and after converting a green tick in this section indicates the status);


Convert video format with xilisoft video converter


  • Also in this section, from the Duration section of the video time, from the Profile section of the selected output format, from the Output size, the final file size can be seen.


Features of Xilisoft Video Converter

As mentioned, this software has complete and advanced features in the field of video editing. It is good to get acquainted with some of these features:

With Xilisoft Video Converter you can easily add attractive effects and effects to video files, make your own audio video, add watermarks and subtitles, and….

  • To do these things, just click on the Effect button at the top bar of the software and select your favorites from the window that opens:


Convert video format with xilisoft video converter


  • Also, by selecting the Clip button, parts of the movie can be censored.



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