Coretech Moldex3D R14 x64

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Coretech Moldex3D is a leading software in the field of industrial models of plastic injection, which provides many possibilities for manufacturers. This program has the best class in analysis technology and allows you to simulate the model of injection processes to optimize your products and industrial design. By doing this, you can maximize your production. This software is used by various users around the world. Coretech

Moldex3D is a CAE, a computer tool for industrial development. This software has Automatic 3D Mesh Engine and displays a very high resolution in 3D technologies. The program’s performance in Parallel Computing is outstanding. With this program, you can make your work easier and leave many operations that you do manually to this program so that this operation can be done automatically.

Features of Coretech Moldex3D:

  • Can be used for various petrochemical industries
  • Optimization of industrial models to increase production rates
  • Reduce sales time to make more profit
  • Excellent performance in model analysis
  • Superior 3D Mesh Auto Engine
  • Very high resolution technology in 3D engine
  • Optimization of injection models to increase production
  • Simulation of a large range of injection models
  • Powerful with different tools for various uses
  • Obtain the necessary information from injection models
  • Save time and labor
  • Automate various human operations to increase speed in performing various tasks
  • Unique user control with many features

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