Coursera – Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases 2022

Coursera – Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases 2022


Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases is a basic blockchain training course and its application in various industries and disciplines, published by Coursera Specialized Academy.

This course is completely general and professional software developers and other people can equally benefit from the content provided in this course. During the training process of this course, you will become familiar with decentralization and decentralized applications, and your attitude towards software development will change completely.

This training course consists of five completely separate modules, which will take you a total of 5 weeks if you follow the official program introduced for the course. In the first 3 modules, you will get acquainted with the nature and why of blockchain and behind-the-scenes technology and its constituent elements.

In the fourth module, you will go beyond bitcoin and ordinary cryptocurrencies, and in a completely specialized way, you will get acquainted with the future of the blockchain industry, namely Atrium, and its development on the basis of its powerful network.

What you will learn in the Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases course:

  • Blockchain
  • Decentralization and decentralized applications
  • Bitcoin and Atrium
  • Development on the Atrium network platform
  • And …

Course specifications

Publisher: Coursera Instructor: ConsenSys Academy Language: English Institute / University Provider: ConsenSys Academy Level of Training: Basic Number of Training Weeks: 5 Training Duration: 10 hours

Blockchain Course Topics: Foundations and Use Cases

Week 1

Module 1: Block chain Foundations

Week 2

Module 2: The Technical Side

Week 3

Module 3: Block chain in Use

Week 4

Module 4: Further Topics

Week 5

Module 5: Use Cases

Course Prerequisites

What background knowledge is necessary?


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